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Hands-on tutorial for using the Fleishman lab protein-optimisation workflows.

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Questions and support
Algorithm and processing: Rosalie Lipsh rosalipsh@gmail.com
Server: Jaime Prilusky jaime.prilusky@weizmann.ac.il
Overview: Sarel Fleishman sarel.fleishman@weizmann.ac.il
AbLIFT is free to academic users.
Commercial users, please email info.yeda@weizmann.ac.il and cc sarel.fleishman@weizmann.ac.il
Please cite:
Warszawski, S.; Katz, A. B.; Lipsh, R.; Khmelnitsky, L.; Nissan, G. B.; Javitt, G.; Dym, O.; Unger, T.; Knop, O.; Albeck, S.; Others. Optimizing Antibody Affinity and Stability by the Automated Design of the Variable Light-Heavy Chain Interfaces. PLoS Comput. Biol. 2019, 15 (8), e1007207.